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Hi there! It's Myasi, your go-to girl for inspiring content for your readers. 

Does your audience crave inspiring content mixed in with tips for the everyday fumbles of life?

Need more ideas and in-depth topics for your site?

Yep. I got your back.

I've been at this whole writing thing for a little bit over a while now (I had a blog on Stardoll when I was 13) and truth be told, I know my stuff. Even as a twenty-something in this attention craved society, I know your audience craves authenticity; and if I'm being authentic, that's all I know how to produce when writing content! I understand that the current culture plays an important role in content. And not just what's going on outside of our doorsteps, but what's relevant  in the culture of your brand.


I am here to keep that green light going for the readers that already love your brand and new ones that'll keep coming back.


So who am I and why should you hire me?

My name is Myasi (pronounced my-yah-see), and I'm here to deliver high quality and engaging lifestyle log posts/articles to your site, newspaper, or magazine. 

What you should know about me is that I love to write (obviously), but I also have an intense passion for extending my hand to those who need it. I started Purpose Copy so that I could do both. And that's where you come along.

 Call me crazy but, I'd love to get your readers plus more to your site because I know they're in deserving of some good stuff. I'm dropping all of the gems in my work.

Purpose Copy is here to help you reach your audience in more ways than one. The name gives it away. It is writing with a true purpose, and that purpose is to provide the best content for those who need it and trust your brand for it.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Contact me and review my services!

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